Get the Basics for Free

Direct Dial

Message, call or video chat directly by dialing the number without having to enter the phone number into your address book, first. No more polluting your contacts!

One-touch Messaging or Calling

Add numbers to your Slyfone Favorites and call, message and video chat with just one click. No need to scroll through long lists of contacts. Just one click and you're connected!

Or Upgrade to Premium

Get a Slyfone Number

Obtain your own private Slyfone number to activate WhatsApp for much less than buying a wireless plan. Use your Slyfone number to make and receive business or personal calls/messages through WhatsApp.

Short-term or Permanent Use

Whether you need a number to activate WhatsApp on a private number for short-term use, or you want to have a separate phone number on an ongoing basis, Slyfone offers both.

Download the Free Slyfone App

Slyfone helps you call people around the world without paying a large amount of telephone expenses.

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    Register for a Slyfone account with just your name and email address.

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    We will assign you your own telephone number that you can use to activate your WhatsApp application.

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    Add Contacts and Favorites for fast, one-touch WhatsApp calling and messaging.

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    Private whatsapp #

    Keep your mobile number private and use a Slyfone number to communicate with.

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    Dial or message a phone number directly without entering it into your Contacts first.