Why get an extra phone number

When you first hear of it, it might not make sense. “An extra phone number? Do I really need an extra number on top of the one I have already?” But today’s phone and messaging systems are different than they used to be. Using an extra phone number can’t only enhance your privacy, but may potentially save you money on the way you’re already using your phone messaging systems.

But let’s explore more deeply. Whether you’re in business or simply an individual, an extra phone number can accomplish a lot more than you might think. Here’s why.


Why Individuals Should Get an Extra Phone Number

Let’s say you were to use your extra phone number to connect to WhatsApp and minimize your messaging costs. The immediate benefit is obvious: you save money. But let’s dig a little deeper to explore why this might be so beneficial for the way you live your life:

• Building a channel for customer support. Your customers need a place to reach you. But you don’t want your customers taking up the line if you’re going to send other phone numbers directly to a sales team, for example. So how do you create a dedicated line? Simple; just add an extra phone number that customers can call exclusively. This way, you’re also more likely to connect with customers quickly. This means that you’ll provide better support while also making customer support more convenient for your team.

• WhatsApp benefits for customer support When you integrate your extra phone number with WhatsApp, you get additional benefits. WhatsApp have become one of the best tools for reaching out directly to customers. After all, they may already be using it themselves. This is a convenient way to handle customer support, and customers will appreciate it when you can talk to them on their level.

• Building a better channel for internal communication. These days, a company has to be more than its office. Social distancing and remote working has become more popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What does that mean? It means your company has to be flexible in terms of how it handles its internal communications. Slack channels might work, but WhatsApp can be especially effective at bringing disparate individuals and teams together. It can feel more like a united group. With WhatsApp and an extra phone number both integrated into your internal communication, you’ll find it easy to reach out to your team. They’ll also find it easier to stay connected.

How to Use Your Extra Phone Number for Superior Marketing

Look at your inbox these days. Is it looking overly stuffed? Why has it been so hard to get back to so many SMS messages? So many emails? One issue is that your systems for communicating may have just been too inconvenient to sit down and take the time and do it.

But consider what might happen if you were to work through a WhatsApp message system instead, using an extra phone number. You could then easily integrate your communication habits into what you have to do with customers. Following up with leads, reaching out to new people--it all falls under the umbrella of what you’re able to achieve when you use an extra phone number. You can offer superior marketing services.

Given how popular WhatsApp has become, it’s also becoming something of its own marketing tool. And when you use WhatsApp, you can even use it to drive traffic to key landing pages that help you draw leads your way, thus engaging a new inbound marketing strategy.

With WhatsApp connected through an extra phone number, this can all integrate seamlessly into the way you build a marketing plan. You can reach out to customers directly, on their terms. And there’s always a tremendous business advantage for any company that takes the time to do so. The beauty of an extra phone number? It won’t take that much time.

What Else Can You Do with WhatsApp for Business?

If you’re using an extra phone number and connecting to WhatsApp, there’s really no limit to what you can do; the only limit is your creativity. Since many customers place orders via SMS and even WhatsApp now, you can use an extra phone number to absorb incoming orders and automate the selling process.

Since the number will be extra, you don’t have to give out your business or personal information. You can simply take in new sales and enjoy the new business.

Creating an account with Slyfone is a great way to get started. Not only will it give you access to an extra phone number, but it will open an entirely new way of thinking about how you can run a business—or even just run your private life.

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